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3rd January, 2017


Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

We hope that you share our belief that for community to succeed, local business needs to succeed.

This is the belief and the principle of the founders of the FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce, a private-sector initiative, established to stimulate, support & grow local business activity.

With most market commentators eulogising the passing of a tough, tough 2016, and warning consumers to batten down the hatches for an even tougher 2017, local business operators will welcome the positive outlook and abundance mind-set adopted for the launch of the new Chamber initiative.

“Every business servicing the greater Fourways area within a +-10km radius from the William Nicol/Witkoppen intersection – from Bryanston/Sandton to Kyalami and Strijdom Park/ KyaSands to Sunninghill/Woodmead – will be provided with a complimentary business directory listing on the FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce website,” states Chamber spokesperson Rose Ssali.

The Chamber aims to connect with and make a difference in the lives of every business entrepreneur and active community member in the greater Fourways area by providing a stimulating, interactive, abundance-oriented, and knowledge-centred business support experience.

The Chamber offers a variety of stimulating participation programs for business entrepreneurs and members of the public to become fully engaged, to meet, workshop and strategize with Chamber movers & shakers, and to connect and participate direct with members for maximum mutual benefit. Programs include:

  • Chamber AMBASSADOR – promoting the Chamber facilities to local businesses;
  • Daily Business Coffee Club HOST – facilitating business intro meetings/JV opportunities;
  • Business INTERN – for pre- & post-graduates and community members to cut their teeth in practical business workshops & start-up business development;
  • Business MENTOR – for experienced/retired business entrepreneurs to pass on their knowledge;
  • Virtual CORPORATE Executive – for existing business operators/members to provide ‘corporate head-of-department’ support to members through their businesses & specialist know-how.

The founders’ business support objectives and philosophy are sparked by a simple question: ‘If you are not in business to have fun, to grow and to profit…what are you in business for?’

To their abundance mind-sets, ‘everything, everybody & every business is inspiration and opportunity…so let’s have some fun innovating, collaborating and achieving on our way to our individual business goals!

They have a zero-tolerance policy towards time-wasters and scarcity-mongers, and advise members: ‘Life, especially in business, is too short & too precious to spend on people who waste your time! Do not waste time on those with scarcity-mind-sets. Scarcity-mind-set is anathema to the FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce business support model.’

“2017 is a year to step up to the plate and help make a positive difference in people’s lives & businesses…to inspire…or to be inspired,” says Ssali.

Every Chamber AMBASSADOR is wired to ask every business operator/entrepreneur and community member they meet, ‘what do you want…what do you need…what’s on your wish-list?’ with the full intention of helping in some way.

Apart from our complimentary listing service, membership options – beginning at less than a tank of petrol per month – include Basic, Premier & Corporate categories providing access to daily business coffee club/business collaboration meetings, weekly business leadership & development training programs, innovative joint-venture/ strategic alliance think-tank strategy workshops, and monthly business networking events designed to grow member-to-member-to-consumer business.

Not only are the Chamber business support programs designed for the upliftment of local business owners and their staff/employees, they are also open to members of the public/community, especially for varsity students, graduates, retrenchees, retirees, and first-time start-up entrepreneurs who want to discover what it takes to start & grow a successful business.

For every business membership taken up in 2017, the Chamber has adopted a Buy 1, Give 1 sponsorship program to stimulate the development of deserving new start-up entrepreneurs – young and old. The Chamber will match each paid member subscription by providing a 100% sponsored new start-up membership or workshop training program to suit the applicant.

For complimentary listing of your business, email your full name, business name, business category/description, cell phone no., email address, and website url to [email protected]

For invitation to experience the programs in action, email [email protected]

For further information, email [email protected]

Website: www.fourwayscommunitychamber.co.za

Contact: Rose Ssali Cell: +27 717268717