WELL DONE to Rose Ssali & Leigh Harrison – great initiative shown

Business chamber launched in Fourways

FOURWAYS – Community Chamber of Commerce will provide workshops for start-up businesses and graduates

January 11, 2017

A private-sector Community Chamber of Commerce has been established in Fourways to encourage and support local business growth.

Spokesperson Rose Ssali said, “Every business servicing the greater Fourways area within a [plus/minus] 10km radius from the William Nicol/Witkoppen intersection – from Bryanston/Sandton to Kyalami and Strijdom Park/Kya Sands to Sunninghill/Woodmead – will be provided with a complimentary business directory listing on the Fourways Community Chamber of Commerce website.”

They will join forces with businesses and the community by conducting workshops.

“[Workshops] are also open to the public, especially varsity students, graduates, retrenchees, retirees, and first-time start-up entrepreneurs who want to discover what it takes to start and grow a successful business.”

The chamber and Wisdoms Centre will teach life and business skills and how to practice them. “The idea, therefore, is to uplift graduates and start-ups by not only resourcing them with life and business skills through engaging workshops and connecting them with wise people in the community but also by giving them opportunities to get involved in actual business projects that will give them experience and results for their CVs and businesses,” said Wisdoms CEO, Leigh Harrison.

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She said statistics show a high failure rate among university students and new businesses during a period of scarce employment. The chamber recognised, based on the statistics, that a platform was needed to teach talented youngsters how to enter the workplace and business world.

“Over and above this, the unemployment rate among young people, even graduates, indicates that young people have to differentiate themselves to potential employers by showing initiative, character and work experience. The chamber, and especially the Wisdoms Centre, offers a means to provide this while also acknowledging that these young people are an incredible untapped resource of talent, creativity and energy.”

Workshops begin on 21 January from 8am to 12.30pm and run each Saturday at the Eagle’s Nest Conference Centre.

Details: [email protected]