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FOURWAYS Chamber: A Massive Boost for Local Business
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Fourways Community Chamber

Welcome to FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce. This is the place where great people, ideas and opportunities meet. The FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce is a much-needed, centrally-located, progressive business chamber positioned to serve business owners, entrepreneurs & community within a +-5km to 10km radius from the Eagles Nest Conference Venue, cnr. William Nicol Highway & Leslie Drive, Fourways.
Fourways Community Chamber
Fourways Community ChamberWed, Dec 12th, 2018 at 7:09pm
We have only 1 more Friday morning session left and the year is over for most of us. Join us & get serious for 2019. (see address details below).

Had an informal gathering of highly-experienced FOURWAYS Chamber - Fourways Community Chamber - business members & founders at Lanseria Country Estate yesterday all committing to a targeted growth strategy for connecting to all passionate, exponential-thinking, abundance-mentality, growth-oriented business & community owners and leaders in one of the fastest-growing business districts in Africa. Both Chairman - Sabelo Mahlalela & CEO - Trevor K Nel - TK have confirmed that they will continue driving the various Chamber initiatives to greater heights in 2019 with the collaboration of like-minded & willing members.

Every Friday 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. is a FREE FOURWAYS Chamber - Fourways Community Chamber - introduction to first-timers and business networking at Eagle's Nest Lodge & Convention Centre – 373 Leslie Road, Fourways – cnr William Nicol & Leslie

Enter your contact details here: https://converge.fourwayscommunitychamber.co.za/forms/bf/120
Fourways Community Chamber
Fourways Community ChamberWed, Dec 12th, 2018 at 10:07am
'Had a tough day Tue11Dec assessing 2019 FOURWAYS Chamber growth strategy and craft beer & hospitality industry at Lanseria Country Estate with Jasper Cloete Iain Johnston Ivan Dinkelmann Sabelo Mahlalela Viv Brown Trevor Ketler' - Trevor K Nel - TK - CEO: FOURWAYS Chamber - Fourways Community Chamber

Northern Business ReviewFourways Community Chamber Trevor K Nel - TK Steve Johnston Trevor Nel
Fourways Community Chamber
Fourways Community ChamberTue, Dec 11th, 2018 at 10:41am
Be frugal on your spending habits and ambitious on your growth habits - Trevor K Nel - TK - CEO: FOURWAYS Chamber - Fourways Community Chamber

Northern Business Review

Fourways Community Chamber
Fourways Community ChamberSun, Dec 9th, 2018 at 5:03am
If A.I. was not on your horizon for 2019, it will be after you read Google China chief Kai-Fu Lee in AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order.


“Whatever gaps exist between China and the United States,” he warns, “those differences will pale in comparison between those two AI superpowers and the rest of the world.” Other nations “will be left to pick up the scraps while these AI superpowers will boost productivity at home and harvest profits from around the globe.”

Lee sees American companies laying claim to developed markets “while China’s AI juggernauts will have a better shot at winning over Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.”


Northern Business Review
Fourways Community Chamber
Fourways Community ChamberSun, Dec 9th, 2018 at 4:52am
Here's why FOURWAYS Chamber - Fourways Community Chamber - is such a passionate enabler of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Look at why China has been able to develop a cashless society on an A.I. solution platform. How will our world be disrupted (who will be disrupted) if credit cards were to be rendered obsolete in 2019? - Trevor K Nel - TK - CEO: FOURWAYS Chamber - Fourways Community Chamber

Northern Business Review
Fourways Community Chamber
Fourways Community ChamberSun, Dec 9th, 2018 at 3:27am
Keywords to apply to your business: Playful; attitude; branding; marketing.


Northern Business Review

FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce has quickly established itself as a leading business support centre in the greater Fourways area – north of Johannesburg.

The FOURWAYS Chamber has stimulated impressive new, innovative, business collaboration project developments from ‘100% of nothing’ as local business owners & operators learn how to unlock the value in business ideas, lying dormant on their shelves, by bringing them to market through joint ventures & strategic alliances.

FOURWAYS Chamber is recognised for having innovated and perfected the daily, no-rules, no-regulations, no-restrictions, 90-minute business ideas & opportunities meeting format.

Member Fatuma Abdullah enthuses:

‘FOURWAYS Chamber is quite unlike any business chamber I have ever experienced. Every weekday, at a daily coffee club meeting – 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 – at Eagles Nest Conference Venue, we get to network with enthusiastic, positive, like-minded, abundance-thinking, experienced business-operators who offer stimulating, unconventional, counter-intuitive, uplifting ways to achieve and enjoy fun, growth and profit in our businesses.’ – Fatuma Abdullah – Akiki Dolls

The Chamber has as its goal the development of a dynamic, supportive and engaged business community aimed at driving economic growth to underpin the fabric, support and care of local community.

Comments Sabelo Mahlalela – Chairman of the Ziya Group, a 100% black-owned investment development company:

‘I have had the privilege of serving in leadership positions in government, public institutions, industry associations, corporate, consulting and philanthropic organisations. I have never come across the kind of energy that I have experienced at FOURWAYS Chamber. It is humbling that we can witness such a positive attitude, friendship and mutual respect of one another in this Chamber. This is a special network with a difference. It is a network where everyone wins. Once you are part of this network your business will never be the same.’

Rose Ssali – Sandton Institute of Diplomacy says:

‘You will meet amazing business people who are interested in your business, open doors for you, and ask “what is on your wishlist?” and then help you to realise your dreams while making those of others happen. I am so thankful for the impact this group have had on my personal life and the business opportunities now available to me.’

Easy-Access, Basic, and Premier membership allows daily access to business coffee club morning meetings, weekly workshops, monthly business-socialising and networking events, and a project planning and development forum for collaborative projects birthed out of the forum. First-time visitors are offered a complimentary test-drive of the process and ad hoc attendance is also possible.

Regular participants include a wide range of businesses, from start-ups and SMEs to big, blue-chip corporates.

Regular business support workshops are conducted by an impressive array of business specialists, leading to a collection of 100’s of rave review testimonials on the Chamber’s website. Below are a couple of examples.

Testimonial: ‘Excellent. Awesome. Life-changing. Amazing. I don’t have the words to describe: The love – powerful; The culture – beyond; The movement – forward we go; The skills, talent, knowledge.’ – Lerato Nakedi
Testimonial: ‘Priceless – It’s simple, I came once and my life has never been the same since, which is the reason why I’m a registered member of the Chamber as one of the Ambassadors.’ – Ceasar Mathebula

Concludes Leigh Harrison – CEO WISDOMS business support centre and a founder of the Chamber:

‘At the end of last year a small group of highly motivated, skilled and experienced business people put their heads together to create and test the concept of a Business Chamber with a difference, in the Fourways area. In a matter of days and then in the weeks to follow, diverse groups of business owners were networking and strategizing JVs, strategic alliances and new product offerings for everyone’s mutual benefit. ‘
‘We have witnessed new energy being poured into disheartened entrepreneurs, new enterprises being developed, ideas being birthed and earning potential being built.
If speed of implementation is a factor of success, as indicated by the rapid pace of change in the marketplace, then the FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce definitely has its finger on the pulse as it drives meaningful action quickly and smartly.’
‘As a business owner my own energy has been re-invigorated and converted into actual business rewards.
I met and engaged with a multitude of new people who not only stimulated fresh thinking around my business, but have also opened up business opportunities worth a great deal in monetary terms for my business.’
‘Lastly, with the needs of our society in South Africa, the appalling unemployment figures and the slow rate of economic growth, the fact that this Chamber is focused on community development, sponsoring those with potential to contribute to the growth of our country, and various other initiatives, it gives me an opportunity to make a tangible difference where I might otherwise be feeling helpless in the face of such huge social challenges.
I am so pleased to be a part of something that has a ripple effect for good.’

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