Basic Member p.a.


Annual basic membership fee R5,500.00 (R1,100.00 discount)

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R550 p.m. (annual subscription payment discount: 2 months free)

for individuals/businesses/non-profits less than 2yrs in operation and/or under R2 million p.a. turnover.


i. 100% tax deductible as a business expense

– safe haven access to Eagles Nest Conference Venue
– private/group business meetings over breakfast/lunch/tea/coffee
– relax & chat under shade of exotic palm trees alongside sparkling pool
– indoor dining room and relaxing lounge
– business resource library – books, magazines, Wi-Fi connection
– business concierge service & guest accommodation
– conference rooms & internationally-trained Chef catering/banqueting

ii. DAILY access to THINK Business Coffee Club sessions, meet

– enthusiastic young entrepreneurs;
– successful self-made business operators;
– experienced, savvy & wise old heads;
– business mentors

iii. Weekly access to WISDOMS Centre business support workshops

– every Saturday morning;
– Leadership & Business support/training;
– Creativity & Innovation; Business Smarts; Project workshops

vi. Monthly access to 550BC Business Networking forum

– pre-qualified leads & time-saving colour-coded ID-tag system for prospect identification;
– connect with POSITIVE business owners who want to GROW their businesses.. & YOURS;
– collaborate with spare capacity, resources, skills & expertise for mutual benefit;
– co-operate on joint ventures & strategic alliances, community marketing events & promotions

vii. 24/7 access to support websites & social media platforms with

– member to member discount specials;
– discussion forums/questions & answers facilities;
– news, articles, announcements/events;
– member contributions/promotions;
– online/email newsletters of substance;
– online advertising banners

Value Benefit:  R1100 p.m. ( 2 X R  550 p.m. ) Saturday morning business workshop vouchers

R  550 p.m. ( 1 X R  550 p.m. ) Business networking forum premier event voucher

R  550 p.m. ( 1 X R  550 p.m. ) Buy 1 Give 1 Sponsorship – business workshop voucher

R  550 p.m. ( 1 X R  550 p.m. ) Classifieds advertisement listing on chamber website

Minimum Value Benefit:  R2650 p.m.


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