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Easy-Access Membership Special At Just R1450 For An ENTIRE Year!


Easy-Access Membership Special At Just R1450 For An ENTIRE Year!

If YOU haven’t already booked YOUR seat, we have a last-minute easy-access membership special for YOU to climb on board at just R1350 for an entire year of daily weekday coffee club meetings.

On this flight YOU will meet & experience very DIFFERENT People, DIFFERENT Businesses, DIFFERENT Views, DIFFERENT Opinions, with DIFFERENT Challenges & DIFFERENT Objectives, all making for highly informative, insightful, ABUNDANCE-thinking, exploratory, opportunity, collaboration meetings.

Quote: ‘You get “normal” (more of the same of that which did not work before) and then you get WOW! (the new normal for serious business people and entrepreneurs who are part of the FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce)! I have had the privilege of launching a few businesses and projects in my lifetime but never before did I personally experience such a momentum and synergy in such a short space of time as I did since I joined the FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce.’ – Jasper Cloete


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    Louis Hanekom

    The Think Business Coffee Club is the perfect opportunity to expose your business to like minded business owners and industry leaders. The Coffee Club is for all business categories from Start-ups, SME’s, Medium, Large & Corporate enterprises wanting to gain business and expand their resource base. What makes the Think Business Coffee Club session unique is the Fourways Community Chamber leaders will place and introduce you to existing like minded and relevant groups and projects where you can gain value but more importantly add value as we share our knowledge and resources to build a stronger business community. The Coffee Club is the best place in Johannesburg to build and grow your network worth and a must do, must sign up and must attend and must engage to ensure a stable consistent business growth strategy.

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